Week 1 : Pico & OLEd + 2 buttons…

We started with a #raspberryPi #Pico & 240 x 240px OLED.

Raspberry Pi Pico + Oled screen + buttons

We started with a #raspberryPi #Pico & 240 x 240px OLED. Having worked with these as a base for the DinkyOSC we thought it would be a good place to start. We’ve added 2 buttons to the set up & control BMPs with adafruit_imageload & displayio . Below is a photo of the initial setup & we’ve included a PDF of the set up etc. here.

Raspberry Pi Pico + OLED screen / electronics buttons on prototyping breadboard.
Raspberry pi Pico + OLEd + Buttons + Breadboard

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